Cleaning & Maintaining Coated Floors

A Grand Rapids, MI based epoxy flooring company

You Should:

  • Lift, do not drag heavy loads
  • Try to prevent dropping of heavy objects onto floor
  • Never weld over a coated floor as molten metal will leave burn marks from the sparks
  • Parking of vehicles with high performance tires (ie high performance sports cars with soft tires) should occur on wheel pads or on non-coated floors
  • Repair vehicle fluid leaks

Routine Floor Maintenance:

  • Pick-up chemical spills immediately- some spills may soften, strip, discolor coatings and/or create a slip hazard
  • Sweep/Blow outside entrances and driveways occasionally- Prevents sand and debris from tracking onto coatings
  • Sweep/Blow coated areas regularly or as needed- Prevents sand and debris from dulling gloss and damaging coatings
  • Scrub or hose off floor as needed- Reduces coating wear and improves gloss

Brush Selection:

  • Use natural fiber or nylon sweeping brooms (Most local hardware stores will carry soft bristle broom available for roughly $25.00 that does an amazing job remember the softer the better)
  • Use soft nylon or stiff nylon scrubbing brushes (Don’t use anything to scrub the floor that you wouldn’t use to wash your car)

Detergent Selection:

  • Any cleaning detergent used for no wax floors is acceptable for regular cleaning
  • Often for spot cleaning a rag or towel will clean up most spills
  • Grease and oil are best removed with simple green or similar degreaser
  • For stains such as rust CLR a household cleaner with rust remover
  • For Tire and black scuff marks Goof Off or Simple Green (Occasionally some of the new high performance tires (speed rating of X, Y, or Z) found on very high end cars Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. that will leave a permanent tire stain due to the adhesive properties of the tire the best solution to this problem is use wheel pads under tires)
  • Tough stains like dry paint drips and spills can be removed with MEK (Methyl Ethyl Keytone)

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Service / Market Area:

For industrial and commercial flooring projects we work in Michigan cities such as Muskegon, Grand Haven, Norton Shores, Big Rapids, Cadillac, Reed City, Howell, Lansing, Jackson, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Hastings, Plainwell, Otsego, South Haven, Benton Harbor, St Joseph, Holland, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Kentwood, Grandville, Portage, Walker, Byron Center, Cascade Township, and Ada. For residential garage projects we generally only bid on work within 30 miles of Grand Rapids, MI.